Thursday, May 04, 2006

There is no need to hold anyone accountable for Iraq.

hi... you kno i have been havin a lot of iritations lately... and one thing is that some people want me to start holdin some account ibility for iraq... and they want me to get rid of don rums feld... and dick cheney too..

well... i am not gonna do that... i do not do what peopl tell me to do i am the desider around here... and were is it gonna end huh... if we are havin acount iblity were is it gonna end.

any way there dont need to be any acount iblity for iraq be cause i believe it is all gonna turn out real good... you see i make desishins based on my beliefs... and i belive in the all mighty... and he is gonna make a miracle that turns iraq into a real pease full democrasy... and i will take credit for it. so we dont need any account ibility in my administrashin.

bye for now


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