Tuesday, June 20, 2006

We will not cut and run from Iraq.

hi... you no there are some peopl... dem o crats... who want us to surenner to the terirists in iraq ... and cut and run... and leave our new iraqi allies to the terrirists...

well... we are gonna stay in iraq as long as i am president and the republicins control the congress... be cause we have lerned the lessins of vietnam... wich is you dont leave until you win... if you are losin just dont leave... that way you dont lose... and that is how i am leadin america to victery in iraq... so they have to stay over there untill they win it.

an i no the lessins real good be cause i was involved in that con flicked... i was flyin in a trainer in the nashinal gard... and this one time i went in for the pre flite check up and i was real hung over from the nite before... and the flite surgin takes one look at me and he says... son there is no way i am lettin you in a plane today... ha ha... so i got out of flyin that day and i got to party on the base all day... and i got lots more stories like that i will tell you some time.

bye for now.


Blogger Loyal Subject said...

Where's the photo for this one? Merci beaucoup for the chuckles.

2:14 PM  

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