Wednesday, June 14, 2006

America will support the new Iraqi government.

hi... you no i just was over in bag dad... i snuck into the contry so it wold be a suprise for the new iraq leader... who i call leeky maleeky

any way he look real suprised to see me... and i said hey leeky i am here to look at you in the eye and say taht everything bad that happins from now on is yer falt... now that you are a govermint. be cause the govermint is responsible for what happens not me...

be cause we are lowerin the expetashins of what we are gonna acomplish over there... if this govermint is still aroun in six months then it was a real good victory for freedom... so i am gonna keep the troops over their so they can see all the freedom i made.

and i said i wanned to see the statue of me.. that they put up in thanks for there liberation... and they saed it wasnt ready yet...

so i hope some day... i can go over to iraq and see the statue of me that they are buildin... and i bet it is gonna be a real big statue by the time that they are done buldin it.

bye for now


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