Monday, May 15, 2006

You must remember the lessons of September 11.

hi... you no it is my job to tell people what i thinnk and what is on my mind... and this is were i tell pepol o nthe internents wat is on my mind ritee now.

and rite now that is the elecshins. be cause we have got to keep our majority and we have a plan to do it. and it is a real good plan.

see we still have a favorible poles on terrorism... be case there have not bin any big ataks in the states since 9 11. but peopl are forgettin to be afraid of the terorism.

so we are gonna order every tv network to run the 9 11 pictures from now until the elecshin... 24 7... and then right be fore the elecshin i will jump out an comfert every one... and i will get the poles up aagainn.

bye for now


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