Friday, June 09, 2006

We have reached a turning point.

hi... sorry about the no thots in a while but i have bin real busy.... jon ashcroft was visitin me in my basement room and he shoed me where they have pornos on the internets... they got mijit porn... donnkey porn... and any thin else you could want...

any way i am up here in camp david for the week end... and i am with my real smart advisers dick and don... and condy... and a bunch of ot her real smart adversers... and we are figurin out what is goin on in iraq... and havin real good stratigy seshins.

be cause i have bin waitn for my commanders on the groun to tell me they won the war but they have not tole me that yet... so we are figgerin out a real good stratigy to win the war.

now this one aid... he said maybe we could start to pull out in 2008.... and don looked down at some papers he had an started pukin... dam that guy better see a dam docter be cause he is the biggist meetin puker around the wite house...

bye for now from camp david


Anonymous Joe Blow said...


Well that explains it.

I was worried about you and thought that Dick was preventing you from expressing yourself.

11:17 AM  

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