Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I am committed to saving Social Security for our elderly people.

hi... so do you remmemer when i fixed the soshil security last year... well... i am gettin ready to fix it agin. be cause i am gonna keep fixin soshil security until it is fixed real good... and sencse there is an eleschin comin up i figgered it is a real good time to start talkin about the soshil security agin... i just gave a speach about it to a bunch of big shots from my party... and they all got real pail and said it was a real good idea... and one of em started pukin... how come there is all these people pukin lately...

any way i want to talk to the peopl about the soshin security but all any one wants to talk about is iraq... do we have a plan and when are we gonna win and stuff...

well... we do so have a plan... and it is a real good plan... we havent won yet but we are winnin... and i am not gonna ta tell you when we are gonna win be cause that is just gonna incurige the terrorists...

an sayin we scrwed up the war is incurgin them too... how come you want to incurige them so much... you better stop it... or i will inflict you.

bye for now


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