Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I had a nice visit with the new Prime Minister of Iraq.

hi... you no i like it when forn leaders come to washin ton... to set a spell and talk about freedom an stuff... wich they do be cause i am so good at it. and this week it was the presidint of iraq... maliki i call him leaky maliki...

any way he was sayin how bad the security sichuation was over there... how he dont even control his own capitol... and he was real worid. so i sed leeky.. things is gettin better over there all the time so dont wory... we have got enuf force to deal with the circim stanses over there.

and he was beggn for more troops to keep the security in bag dad... so i tole him it was up to the comanders on the groun... be cause i am the leader with the big vishin for fredom i leve the deteails up to the grownd comanders...

and he said he didnt want to go back to bag dad and he could run the gover mint from washin ton... and he was beggin me to let him stay an not send him back... and i tole him he has to go back so he can fite the insergensy be cause i was sure as shit not gonna do it.

so it as a real nice visit i had.

bye for now.

ps i got a briefin from teh grown commandr over there that we dont have no more reserves so we are jest gonna move troops over from some other part of iraq... an then he started pukin... dam them pennagon people sure like pukin... bye