Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tonight I will acknowledge doubts about my strategy in Iraq.


i am workin real hard on the speach i am giving tonite on tv that is gonna reassure america that i know what i am doin in iraq.

And it is real hard work writin a sppech because there is so much that has to go in it.

like i am supposed to acknolege that there are people who have doubts about iraq. and i says i will acknowlege there are some liberal terrorris lovers in this country who want to see terrorris on every street and in church too. and they are spreadin doubts that i dont know what i am doing in iraq.

but i will explain that freedom is real hard and it is worth it and only a liberal like michal more would be against freedom and say i dont know what i am doing in iraq.

and another thing there are a lot of people walkin around the white house with frowny faces and i say i want more optimism if i go down a lot of people are goin down with me. and i hope that is clear.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I have a plan for victory in Iraq.

hi again...

you know they are telling me to stop talking about the social security all the time because they fixed the problem... and i can stop talking about it so much... that sure is a realief because i was real worried about what was gonna happen in 2042 if we did not fix the problen... and they said it is fixed now so i can stop talkin about my plan... i might talk about it some more tho because i have learned a lot about the social security and i do not like to let my brain sells go to waste like that.

So now I am talkin to america about my plan for victory in iraq. and it is real simple.

i am gonna announce the Victory Tax Cuts... all income over 200,000 a year will be free from all taxation. and it is for victory we need the tax cut to beat the terrorissts. and do not worry if your income is under 200000 then you will not be affected. so dont watch this too close if you are not making that much money.

Bye for now.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I will reassure Americans about the war in Iraq.

Hi everybody sorry about the no posts in a long time but we got a new crate of whisky in

well you know how ive been goin all round this great country talkin about the social security and the worthless ious in the trust fund.

well ok that worked so good i am gonna be doing the same thin with iraq.

So get ready for a serious of speaches on iraq. and they will be:

1. now saddam cant blow up the world trade centr with his wmd

2. the iraqi people are natural democrats and will form a peaceful democratic country if we wait long enough.

3. The Democrats voted for the war too.

4. the cia tricked me about the wmd they said there was wmd there

5. we had lots of car bombs and ieds and stuff after the americn revolution and look how good we turned out

6. after 911 we can no longer ignore countries that are not a threat to us

7. saddam had tortur prisons, now look at it

8. what were the chances there would not be a drop of wmd come on even you thought they had something.

9. just because i have no idea when we can pull our troops out does not mean things are out of control over there

10. none of this is my fault

there that should make the american people real assured, and then we can talk about the social securty a whole bunch more. and taxes too the taxes need cut

bye for now