Thursday, November 09, 2006

I had a nice meeting with the Speaker-Elect.

hi... you no i had a real nice lunch with the new congriss lady... nansy pelosy i call her nansy pansy... an we talked about freedom an the prioritis that america has... be cause one thing that i have laerned is... that wen you have an elecshin and it is over... then you for get all about it an you have got to start doin what you think is rite for america...

she tole me that she has got a agenda for america... i think that is real cute... an i tole her that we are gonna be workin on given me more power... be cause i do not have enouf yet to keep america safe with... an that she is gona obey my demans or i am gonna inflict her good... an i think i got the mesige that i am the comander aroun here... an i espect them to work with me on my bipartisin ajenda... an that i dont expect any one to qweshtin my decishins...

so it was a real good elechsin.

bye for now

p s i supose you herd about rummy... well... we desided that if the dem o crat party won that... we were gonna get rid of rummy... dick was begin me to keep rummy be cause they are gonna go after him next... well... i was jest gettin sick of all the pukin and suiside atempts rummy was doin... it was funny at first but then it started gettin kinda old...

an this new guy... bob gates i call him mr bob... i do not like this new guy... he is one of the guys that work for my dad... an i do not want him comin around telin me wat to do in iraq i no how to make fredom real good. bye


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Leader

You didn't speel rite:
Its "Speeker Leck"!

Anyway we support you with you're cause because only you can keep america safe from terrah. Your gonna need to stay the corse because the dems are going to try to turn your bus!

bye for now
you're loyol sitisen

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Leader,

I know you can handle Ms. Pelosi. No good looking, smart chick could resist your boyish smirk and manly charisma. And if those don't work, a back rub might help relax any tensions between you two.

I mean, you got Laura, Condi and Karen Hughes at your beck and call. Work on adding Pelosi to your political harem. I'm sure you can do it, sir!

Good Luck, sir!

1:33 PM  

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