Thursday, October 26, 2006

I will keep a high profile.

hi... you no i believe a lot of things... and on of the things that i be lieve is that... it is real importint for me to keep remindin america... that i am keepin them safe... be cause there hasnot been any atacks since 9 11... an peopl mite get the idea that they are safe... well... we are not safe... ... we are safer... but not safe yit... see...

so i have started the big war of my generrashin... be cause the twenny first senchury is gonna be a real big war... aginst the extremist islams that like to kill the innosints... and we hvae to keep fitin it and fitin it un til we will pre vail... so i have left my mark on the senshury all reddy.

an i have givin my orders for great big picshures of me to be put up in evry town skware... and all the govermint bildins too... an... i am gonna have my suporters do parades and stuff... with the big picshures of me... so peopl of america are gonna be reminded of me and how i keep them safe...

bye for now... and you beter put a pichsure of me up in yore house too... bye


Anonymous Joe Blow said...

I think we should collect all the money and then re-issue it with pictures of you on all the bills!

(an we wouldnt have to give it all back either...ha)

and we need to hear you more offen so you need to have several special radio and tv stations that braodcast nuttin but your speakers and sayigns.

This is very important. I'm sure that all other channels will fail and be closed down because no one will listen to them if you are on.

11:57 AM  

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