Saturday, November 04, 2006

We will prevail.

hi... you no i am flyin all over the contry to get the eleshins out... and wen i do that it feels like i am a grate comander flyin out to the batel field to see the damage of owr victery... an my aids have bin flyin me to the batel ground states... like nebraska an kansas... an idaho... i da ho... heh heh...

yeah i like it... and the crouds are real inthus i astick wen i go out there to bash the dem o crat party... the crouds are real small tho... my aids have bein tellin me that is be cause all the voters are at home restin... so they can come out on the eleshin day and vote real hard for the republicins... so it is a good thing that the crouds are real small...

now i here some peopl... are gettin woried about the elecshins... well... my aids tole me that i am gonna be re electid for sure... an i am still gonna be presidint... so i can rule the contry with executiv orders and stuff like that... and demand every ones obedieence.

an that is good be cause we do not wanna change the corse we are on... wich is a real good victery corse for america... an all congriss can do is pass laws an stuff wich i dont have to folow be cause there is a war goin on... an i need to have my war powers in tackt so i can keep america safe... no body can argew with that.

bye for now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Dear Leader!

I am SO glad you are out there, showing everyone how Presidential you are. The people need to be reminded of your brave and valiant leadership here while our troops fight and die in Iraq. You must stand strong against those dastardly terrorists who are torturing and killing dozens of Iraqis every day.

Thank you for your service,

7:14 PM  
Blogger cb said...

you no, those dem o crats has got lots of peeple makin fone calls, so I sher hope all them votin masheens is reddy, so you win, no matter what

1:32 AM  

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