Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No one could predict that the Democrats would win.

hi... you no it was another real good elecshin day for me... my aids took me down to cast my ballit... and wen i look at it i sed... hey... were is my name... be cause my name was not on it. and my aids said that it was not on there be cause... i am doin sush a good job bein presidint that they did not want to put meon the ballit... and i was re electid unanimushly. an that is real good for america be cause i am the one that baby jesus talks to...

now it is up real long past my bed time... but i think i herd some one sayin that the dem o crat party has won the elechin... well... no one culd have perdicted that... we were thinkin that we were gonna pick up... like... ten or twenny seats be cause of the real good job i do pertectin the contry... an i aksed karl if we were gonna lose the eleschin.. an he saed no way... and i asked tony snow... an dick... an rummy... an they all think we are gonna win real big... and we are not gonna let the dem o crat party steel the elecshin.

well any way... i am not escared of congriss... we are gonna keep doin wat we want... an if you tried any thing funny i wold just take the power away... be cause of the war... ha ha i cant lose... and so tomorow i am gonna demand yer uncondishinal surenner to dear leader...

bye for now


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

You must be in a terrible state of shock, Dear Leader. But that's OK, cuz then you've got some company for your state of denial.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn the Republicans!

Full Speed Ahead!

The Democrats

3:52 AM  

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