Thursday, December 07, 2006

I think the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group are interesting.

hi... you no there is a lot of peopl that wants to give me advice and stuf about my deshishins... an i think it is real cute wen peopl do that. be case i make deshishins real good for america... an i am a real strong leder wich means that i do what i think is rite... and if peopl tell me diffrunt then i dont lissen be cause that mean i am real resloot.

now ther is this groop that my dad set up... wich is suposed to give me some adise about iraq...

an i rememmer wen i went to sit with them a spell... an talk about free dom... an i tole them that i am gonna keep us over there in iraq until we had total victry... an i dint want to here any cut an run talk... an i waved my wisky botle at them so they culd see i meen bisinss...

now my aids have tole me that.. they have reeched there conclushins... an so i sed that is real innerestin... so i ask them to breef me on it... an they give me this real big book... and im like.. i am not readin all this stuf... i tole them to give me the gist of it... in like one or too sentinses...

so they tole me that... they want me to stay the corse... but i am suposed to talk to iran...

well... i like the stay the corse part... but i am not gonna talk to iran... thye are the enimy and they do not like freedum.... so i am not talkin to them... escshep if they are gonna surrener... if they are gonna surrenener then i am gonna except there surenner... but the stay the corse part i the part that i like real good... an that is gonna be are victery plan.

bye for now


Anonymous Joe Blow said...

I think your father was very rude for gettng his old buddies to make fun of you. Your aides didn't tell you but that whole book is full of mean things that they said about you.

You should put them all to work cutting brush at the ranch and then see how long they last!

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Joe BLow said...


How did it go with Barney on election night? Did you make him howl?

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Leader,

Do you think the next three years in Iraq will look as good as the past three? I was hoping we could get the civilian casualty rate down.

I suppose if more and more of the Iraqis flee from the country, then there will eventually be only insurgents. But given the current rate of less than a million civilians emigrating or killed per year, it will take decades.

Perhaps we could turn Iraq over to Israel? They have way more experience dealing with insurgents and terrorists than we have. Always go to the experts, I say. In addition, we wouldn't have to worry about Iran's nuclear program since they would have another(Pakistan) neighbor with fully functional nuclear weapons. That'll keep them in line, sir!


5:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear leader. Where'd you go? I need to hear some reshurance. Hard as it might be.

12:36 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

You are a great leader, Mr. President. You know what's best. Don't let any so-called "experts" tell you otherwise.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Leader, why do you want to pound Osama bin Laden in the ass?

4:40 PM  

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